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The conference will feature a poster session on Tuesday June 7th which will include the following:

Case study: improving multidisciplinary Out-of-Hours handover. Lorna Flynn, Quality, Reliability, Safety and Teamwork Unit (QRSTU),
Patient Safety Academy (PSA), Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Using in-situ clinical simulation to identify system errors within complex healthcare organisations. Stephanie Gillam, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Designing Systems That Work: Does Healthcare Need A Design Language? Alexander Komashie, University of Cambridge

Impertinent solutions? Ergonomic rehabilitation after attempted limb amputation. A case study. Bernard Masters, Igor Dijker, Bank House Clinic, Launceston, Cornwall

Socio-technical Systems Design: Addressing Growing Complexity in the 21st Century. Monica Quercioli,
University of Hertfordshire

Exploring cultural differences in the attitudes towards pervasive technologies to monitor well-being
Elaine Venancio Santos, University of Nottingham

Rapid, workshop-based, HCD methods for complex systems. Brian Sherwood Jones, Process Contracting Limited

‘Computer Says No’: primary healthcare technology usage and procedural violations in community pharmacy.
Christian Thomas, University of Manchester

Date & time

7-8 June 2016

NCTL Learning and Conference Centre, Nottingham

What is a Complex System?

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