Complex Systems in Healthcare

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There are few systems more complex than healthcare.

This event will enable you to gain an insight into how human factors can help to address major issues in this sector.

Presentations on healthcare issues form much of the second day’s programme for this event and features important questions such as:

How do clinicians manage multiple conflicting performance measures?
How effective are surgical emergency unit (SEU) ward-theatre communications?
How do you ensure safety in primary care medicines management?
How does nurses’ dynamic decision making affect safety and care?
What is the role of Patient Flow Coordinators in monitoring system status and adapting processes in an Emergency Department?
How do you design a user interface to cope with task variability across multiple hospital sites?
How do you use human factors methods to understand and design for complex hospital systems?
How do you apply user experience to unpick the complex system of hand hygiene in healthcare?
How do you explore the variance and complexities in IV infusion practice?
How do you use leading safety indicators to determine the enhancement or degradation of the level of patient safety?
How do you define where a point of prevention occurs when incident causation is so complex?

Date & time

7-8 June 2016

NCTL Learning and Conference Centre, Nottingham

What is a Complex System?

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